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Diamond Ring


Condition: New

Availability: This is the Last Kit - Manufacturer closed Warning: Last items in stock!

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Skill Level 2: Previous Rocket Experience Suggested
Length: 20.00" (50.8 cm)
Weight: 1.90 oz (53.86 g)
Diameter: 1.33" (3.38 cm)
Motor Size: 18mm
Recovery System: 12" Mylar Parachute

Manufactured by: Red River Rocketry

Looking for an eye-catching, easy-to-build kit that flies great even in breezy conditions? Then the Red River Diamond Ring rocket is what you're looking for. It goes together fast because it doesn't have flat fins like other rockets. The tubes are much easier to glue on the rocket than ordinary wood fins. It flies nice in breezy conditions because the tube fins do not project straight from the rocket, so the wind has to go around the rocket rather than trying to turn it like a weathervane.

The defining feature of this kit are the 6 ring-tail fins. Alternating in size and position, this is kit will make you rethink the boring balsa wood fins on most rockets.

The "diamond" decals add extra shine and sophistication to this rocket, and will easily catch the sun rays, so you will never lose it!

Wondering why the kit is called the "Diamond Ring?" That is a great question. We were curious too.

Diamond CoreThe folks at Red River Rocketry probably love astronomy as much as you do, and they found out about a unique white dwarf star that is about 50 light years from Earth. Within the core of the dying star is the largest diamond in the universe. It's is 10 billion, trillion, trillion carats (imagine giving that to your favorite girl!). We're not making this up! Check out this link from the BBC News Service.

This rocket will allow you to bring up your other hobby when your out at the rocket range. Won't that impress your friends...


Why is this Kit a Skill Level 2?

This kit is a pretty straight-forward build. The tube fins will take a bit more coordination and planning than on a beginner level rocket. The Diamond Ring decal sheet is water slide, which can be tricky the first time you use it.

This is a great kit to transition from the beginner level kits to the more advanced levels!


Kit Features
Diamond Ring PartsYou get everything you see here in this kit! There is really a lot of parts in this gem of a kit. You're getting your money's worth, that's for sure.
Back-End of the Diamond Ring RocketThis is the first kit that we've seen that has staggered tube tube fins. Not only do they make this kit stand out in a crowd, but they make the rocket a lot easier to finish. You don't have to seal any balsa fins like you would have to do on another rocket.
Diamond Ring Rocket ParachuteThe shiny aluminized-mylar parachute will make it easy to see this kit descending. We were very impressed to see that the color of the chute matched nicely the color scheme Red River Rocketry chose for the Diamond Ring kit.
Diamond Ring Rocket Nose ConeThe balsa nose cone is high-quality, giving your kit a great look. To be honest, we wish they had chosen a plastic nose cone for this rocket, as then it wouldn't have needed any sanding sealer. But the quality of the wood seems very nice to us, and nose cones are much easier to sand and seal than fins. So even though this isn't a true no-surfance-prep needed rocket, we like it a lot.

Diamond Ring Rocket decalsThe "diamond prism" decals are stickers, so they are easy to apply. They are all pre-cut, so you just slap them down after the paint on your rocket is dry. They really reflect the light and add a lot of dazzling color to the model. Every time you look at it, the colors change, so it is never the same rocket twice.

The Diamond Ring decal is water slide, which looks very professional when applied.

Tools needed to assemble the Diamond Ring Rocket Kit

  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Hobby Knife - X-Acto with #11 Blade
  • Wood Glue or White Glue
  • Finishing Supplies like sanding sealer, paint and sandpaper (200 and 400 grit).
To Launch This Rocket Kit, You'll Also Need:
  • Launch Pad & Controller - See below for recommended choices.
  • Recovery Wadding - Disposable | Reusable
  • Rocket Motors - See the motor selection table below.


Length50 cm
Diameter3.4 cm
Weight54 g
Altitude200 - 300 m
Motor Size18mm
Motor ClassB : 2.501 – 5.000 Ns
Motor CompositionBlack Powder
Motor HardwareSingle Use
RecoveryParachute - small (+-25cm)
Skill LevelLevel 2
Fin Count4