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Mark II


Manufacturer: Dr Zooch

Condition: New

Availability: In Stock

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Skill Level 2: Previous Rocket Experience Suggested
Length: 12.20" (30.99 cm)
Weight: 2.40 oz (68.04 g)
Diameter: 0.98" (2.49 cm)
Fin Span: 2.93" (7.44 cm)
Motor Size: 18mm
Recovery System: 15" Plastic Parachute

Manufactured by: Dr. Zooch Rocketry

The Mark II is a kit straight out of the mind of Dr. Zooch himself. Constructed out of paper and wood parts, it is simple to build, and fun to launch.

The Mark II is a great foray into the Dr. Zooch kits, because you learn paper modeling skills that will come in handy on the more difficult kits.

What Makes This a Skill Level 2 Rocket?

While the kit is pretty simple to build, there is some skill required to make the paper wraps look nice. Also, it requires the body tube to be cut after the paper wrap is glued on, which can be nerve-wracking.


Kit Features
Mark II WrapsDetailed Paper Wraps give this kit an intricate look without the time and effort of masking and painting it yourself!

Mark II NoseThe Blowout Panels give the rocket a distinct look.

The Box doubles as storage for the kit, which prevents damage while you are hauling it around to launches.

Tiny details like a snap swivel and engine hook are included.

Length31 cm
Diameter2.5 cm
Weight57 g
Altitude200 - 300 m
Motor Size18mm
Motor ClassB : 2.501 – 5.000 Ns
Motor CompositionBlack Powder
Motor HardwareSingle Use
RecoveryParachute - small (+-25cm)
Skill LevelLevel 2
Fin Count4