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Everything You need to get started in Model Rocketry in a single Order, at a Price that's Right!

  • 1 x Level 1 Rocket Kit
  • 1 x Launch Controller
  • 3 x Model Rocket Motors (single pack of Motors)
  • 1 Year Paid Premium Membership Subscription (Model Rocketry)
  • 1 x Handbook of Rocketry (digital)



Once you Purchase this Product, You will receive the following:

  • Voucher Code 1 - Use it to Activate your Premium Membership on the Online Store and receive discounts on all future purchases
  • Voucher Code 2 - Use it to Activate your Premium Membership on the Official Rocketry Membership Site (


  • You will receive a randomly selected Leve-1 Model Rocket Kit, and a packet of Model Rocket Motors
  • Items are not exchangeable and non-refundable.
  • You AGREE to comply with the Model Rocketry Rules and Regulations
  • You AGREE to complete the "First Flight" online training, prior to launching your rocket for the first time.
  • Model Rocket Motors cannot be sold to minors, and you will have to ask your parent/guardian to place the order on your behalf