We provide the following Answers to Frequently Asked Questions..

Q: Why start a Rocketry Club ?
  • Starting and running a Model Rocketry Club is a Fun and rewarding experience, and by joining forces with Rocketry SA you will receive assistance and support throughout your journey


Q: What are the advantages of running or joining a Rocketry Club?

Apart  from the support you will receive from Rocketry SA, you will also be assisted in dealing with the following issues:

  • Liability
    Things can go wrong, and when this happens someone will be liable for damages/injuries
  • Safety
    Apart from complying with the law,  Our No 1 Piority is SAFETY - Always !
  • Resources
    Rocketry requires various resources, and Rocketry SA will assist you on various levels.


Q: What Assistance do Clubs erceive from Rocketry SA ?
  • General & Legal Assistance
  • Membership Services
  • Dedicated Clubsite Webpage
  • Resource Allocation
  • Percentage of Annual Membership Fees credited to club Account


Q: Are there any fees to start / run a Club?
  • There are no upfront or Annual fees payable to start or run a Club
  • Clubs that wish to join as an "Affiliate" with representation and full voting rights will be charged a nominal fee


Q: Do Clubs have full Autonomy?
  • At Rocketry SA, we acknowledge the diverse backgrounds and interests of our members, and undestand that you may want to run your club differently - and subject to mutual agreement, that's perfectly Ok!
  • In short, you can enjoy Autonomy, while still benefiting from your Partnership (Membership) with South Africa's Rocketry Organization of choice.


Q: What are the basic requirements for establishing a Club ?
  • You must have at least two (2) Rocketry SA members in good standing to charter a Rocketry SA Section/Club
  • At least one Member must be a Senior (adult) member
  • AT least one Senior Member must complete and be appointed as RSO 


Q: What is the procedure for establishing a club ?
  • Download and complete the Rocketry SA Club Charter Application Form 
    - send an email to: 
  • The form lets us know to whom to send your Club’s mail and information.
  • The contact names you supply will be published so that other clubs and people in your area can contact you
  • It is advisable that your contact people can be reached and are responsive