The RSO is usually responsible for checking that a rocket is Built Correctly, uses a Safe Engine, has an adequate Recovery Device, and is Launched Correctly.

The RSO is directly responsible for ensuring the Safety of all participants including spectators as well as the protection of property and even possibly livestock.

Although Commercial Model Rockets are designed and produced from safe materials and propellants for general consumer use, Safety remains an important part of Rocketry that needs to be monitored


Range Safety Officers play a crucial part in ensuring that Rocketry is SAFE 

The Range Safety Officer Certification Program is open to all SAASA Members, and comprises of Theoretic, Practical and Coaching components.

This Program is designed to assist individuals in performing Safety Officer functions on a High Power and/or Model Rocket Range.

The Program consists of theoretical, Practical as well as coaching elements.


On Completion you will be awarded with a RSO Certificate, and you will be able to offer your services as an RSO

 Range Safety Officers are appointed by the SAASA Board and Report to the SAASA Director Of Operations

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