In short, Model Rockets are:

  • Light weight, rocket powered vehicles, made of paper, balsa wood and thin plastic castings.
  • The engines (we call them motors) are professionally and commercially manufactured, typically made of paper tubes with clay nozzles or plastic.
  • These motors are less flammable than cans of model airplane fuel.
  • Engines are mostly single use, but there are a number of kits that use reusable engine casings

      Things that make a Rocket.. a Model Rocket:

  • Less than 1,500 grams (53 ounces) total (liftoff) weight
  • A single motor with an impulse of less than 160 Newton-seconds (36 pound-seconds) (A - G motors)
  • A single motor with an average thrust of less than 80 Newtons (18 pounds).
  • The airframe must be made from lightweight material and not include any metal parts (This does not apply to metal clips and screws)

Model Rocketry is a Hobby / Sport that, when following basic Safety and common sense,  is Enjoyable and Safe.


Become a Model Rocketeer Today

Model Rocketry allows you dream about and launch a model rocket without being seriously harmed or killed in the process!

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