Welcome to SAASA, the Voice of Rocketry in South Africa.

SAASA Promotes Rocketry as being Safe, Reliable, Accountable & Fun
Challenging, Educational and Competitive!

SAASA represents and promotes Hobby Rocketry, Model Rocketry, Sport Rocketry, Experimental/Amateur Rocketry as well as Applied Rocketry in South Africa.

With a track record spanning more than 10 years, SAASA has the largest and best-established membership component and support infrastructure in South Africa.

SAASA provides Guidance, Procedures and Administration for the Legal & Safe Participation in Rocketry activities within South Africa

SAASA is the Rocketry Organization of Choice for All South Africans. Ask yourself why are you not a Member ?  Joining is FREE and EASY


For any questions or concerns please feel free to CONTACT US via our Contact Form [here]


  • Promote Rocketry in South Africa

  • Promote, Advocate and self-regulate all aspects of Safety as it pertains to all facets of Rocketry

  • Promotion of "Rocketry Body of Knowledge" and further scientific studies

  • Development and promotion of a "Free" Educational framework

  • Promote Rocketry within the constraints of formal Laws, Regulations and pertinent legal issues

  • Consolidate the use of all forms of non-commercial rocketry in South Africa

  • Foster and Promote cooperation and cross-certification with International Rocketry organizations

  • Provide 3d party Indemnity Insurance for SAASA members