Rocketry offers you the opportunity to have Fun while learning more about Space, Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and much more.

  • Promote Rocketry within the constraints of formal Laws, Regulations and the SA legal framework

  • Promote "Rocketry Safety"

  • Promotion of "Rocketry Body of Knowledge" and further scientific studies

  • Development and promotion of a "Rocketry" - STEM Educational Framework

  • Unite rocketry groups in South Africa

  • Foster and Promote cooperation and cross-certification with International Rocketry organizations

  • Provide 3d party Indemnity Insurance for SA Rocketeers


We are looking to expand

Now that Model Rocket Motors are commercially available, we are lookiing to establish country-wide Launch Sites. If you know of any suitable area/land where launches can be accommodated, we would be most gratefull.

If you would like to start a rocketry club in your area, contact us for support and free goodies to help you get started!

If you own a Hobby Shop, why not stock Model Rocket ? Contact us to register as an Authorised Dealer.


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